Our Mission

Empathy in Action seeks to tackle community challenges, guided primarily by what Louisville residents identify as priorities and create innovative and inclusive solutions. Among the many services provided by our organization, Empathy in Action will provide regular sit-down dinners for adult community members with free childcare included. Regardless of financial means, EIA wants to encourage community conversation with a diverse set of people from all walks of life over a healthy meal – complete with first-rate service. Children will be provided an abundance of books, games, crafts, and other entertainment all while under the supervision of our trusted and trained volunteer team.
We recognize there has been a steady and unfortunate decline of genuine human connection in modern society, enabled in part by advances in technology and the prevalence of social media. This, coupled with a general lack of opportunities for constructive, in-person dialogue with people outside our natural circle is leading to distrust, misunderstanding  and ultimately isolation from our global and local communities.
It is our hope that Empathy in Action will become a place where people from all backgrounds will come together and connect: over food, conversation, a sincere desire to work together to solve the problems of our community, and, most importantly, what makes us uniquely human.
Our compassion.